The artist (that's me!) on a windy Plein Air day in La Paz, Mexico

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 Guilty - 2 Innocent - 1 Undecided

I have not painted for over a month as we were on vacation in La Paz Mexico.  When I do not paint for this long of a time, I seem to become timid with my application of paint and the spontaneous freedom of motion is lacking.  This is a quick painting to un-due the timid application and get back into my normal painting mode.

My wife has been selected for jury duty and that prompted the vision of this painting:

12 x 24 Chroma Interactive Acrylics on heavy linen canvas paper wet into wet alla prima.


First I draw the approximate shapes of the pears:

Next I apply some dark paint in order to eliminate the bright white of the linen paper

The next step is to apply some color wet into wet - all aprima with a large brush as an underpainting to provide a "road map" for the progression of the piece,

I let this dry overnight and then apply color with a palette knife wet into wet alla prima.  I also put in the background and foreground and touch up the pears if needed.



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Angelique said...

I love your pears, did see them earlier this week but was a bit distracted,lol. Great work, nice to see how you are applying the paint and how the painting comes to live...