The artist (that's me!) on a windy Plein Air day in La Paz, Mexico

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


30 x 24 gessoed 1/4 inch MDF panel - Chroma Interactive Acryic using a palette knife wet into wet.  First I draw the shape of the pot with my palete knife and lay in some color to get an idea where I'm going,

Next I lay in some darker color on the shadow side as well as refine the entire pot at the same time

I keep laying in color and adding more texture to the pot with my palette knife

The color is added wet into wet utilizing the great blending capabilites of Chroma Interactives.  Color and texture are but someof the reasons why I paint - I love to build on the texture with layers of blended color

I start defining the BG and the FG, which I always do last as I want the center of interest to project (in thickness of applied paint) from the BG and yet have the reflections of  color in the BG and FG.  Based on the thickness of the paint applied to the C of I,  I can better determine the intensity of the palette knife strokes to use in the BG & FG.


The painting is 99% completed and I'll sit it in my viewing corner for two weeks while the paint cures and if necessary make some needed tweaks to it

Detail of palette knife strokes

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