The artist (that's me!) on a windy Plein Air day in La Paz, Mexico

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


24 x 30 on gessoed 1/4" MDF panel - this is a larger format than my recent pot paintings which have been 18 x 24 - Chroma Interactive Acrylics wet into wet with a lot of blending of color - The development of the aged texture on the antique pot with decoration was accomplished with a dry brush process. The seed pot (black pot) I recently purchased for my pot collection directly from the potter on the Santa Clara Pueblo in NM.

The concept of a seed pot goes back quite far into the history of the Native American Indians and was and still is used on the pueblos to protect their crop seeds from rodents, insects and mildew. There is a very small diameter hole in the top of the pot through which the seeds are dropped into the pot.

The antique pot with decoration is circa 1910 - artist unknown - origin determined to be the San Ildefonso Pueblo in NM.

The wall behind the pots is an impressionistic rendering of aged plaster.

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Elena Malec said...

This is so original and beautiful. Bravo!