The artist (that's me!) on a windy Plein Air day in La Paz, Mexico

Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 In-Twined Bosc

24 x 18 Professional Chroma Interactive Acrylics on gessoed 1/4 inch MDF panel - Alla Prima - wet into wet.  Panel was sanded & gessoed using a sponge roller with NO sanding inbetween coats in order to give the painting surface some tooth and texture.  I love texture although this is a fairly "smooth" painting for me.  I was going to paint it with only a palette knife, but when I threw some color around to generate a "road map, it started to look real good and my brush said "Don't you dare put me down!"  Yes brushes talk and have minds of their own! :>)

I never answered my brushes until a few weeks ago!!!  Now they won't shut up!

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Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

That painting is amazing! You can feel the texture of the skin on the pear. Bravo!